Cricket Powder
& Sustainable Protein From Edible Insects
Eco Insect Farming
Chutikarn Farm

Thailand is a leading country for edible insects, but years ago farming techniques were completely traditional and crickets were produced for local markets only.

Chutikan Farm and EIF Thailand co-operate for over 5 years to develop and to improve farming methods, thus producing a high quality cricket powder that meets international standards regarding hygiene and processing.

To promote Thailand and to reassure international customers, we are among those who were at the origin of the AFFIA ( Asian Food & Feed Insects Association) and the GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) certification for cricket farms.

Thai FDA -USFDA registered
HACCP -GMP certified
GAP certified
New Layer Cricket Powder : Sustainable Protein

Slide Our Products 100% Natural / No conservatives Cricket Powder 100% acheta domesticus Whole Dried Crickets 100% acheta domesticus Whole Dried Crickets Spicy Flavor Whole Dried Crickets Tom Yum Flavor Whole Dried Crickets Cheese Flavor Cricket Crackers Low Fat / High Protein

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