Cricket Powder :
Sustainable Protein

Directly from the leading country in cricket farming,
EIF Thailand invites you to discover its expertise in entomophagy
through its products made with cricket powder. For an
eco-friendly and innovative food, with a rigorous traceability.



The hygiene monitoring of a production environment is a key step of a sound food safety initiative.

We manage the production chain, each step is meticulously controlled before the next one is engaged. The quality of our final products is always validated by the Central Lab Thai to meet the international food safety standards.

Fully equipped with the latest technology to offer a high quality cricket powder.

Approved to international health standards by the Thai Food and Drug Administration.

We perform final bacteriological tests on each batch of the produced powder.



In May 2013, The FAO issued a report named ‘Edible Insects: Future Prospects for Food and Feed Security’ that addressed the growing demand for proteins and the declining availability of resources. One proposed solution is to focus on under-utilized or under-appreciated food sources, such as edible insects, which could help us meet the future global demand for food.

After all, edible insects are already used as a common source of food in many countries in the world. After reading the FAO’s report, French entrepreneurs felt the immediate need to be involved in this race to promote new protein sources and launched their startup in the northern city of Chiang Mai, in 2014.

EIF Thailand has followed the trend and is now offering cricket flour to use in your baked goods in addition to regular flour. This cricket flour offers an incredible source of proteins, iron, vitamins and minerals that requires a fraction of the land, water, and feed as livestock.


At Eco Insect Farming, we do believe in ethical trade and are proud to say that we only work with local farmers.

What better place than Thailand for raising crickets?
Thais have a long history with edible insects and especially crickets. They have been farming crickets for centuries and have developed their own breeding and feeding techniques.

Using their knowledge of insect farming with our capacity to create new products and trade worldwide, we can offer a high quality product that meets international standards regarding hygiene and processes.

We work hand in hand with Thai farmers to improve the quality and breeding techniques of their crickets. We also try to give them the opportunity to grow and expand their business by offering them a fair price for their production
and access to international markets.

So everybody wins!

  • Excellent source of complete protein and low in fat, rich in calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron , they also contain a high amount of vitamin B1, B6 and B12.
  • No pollutants, chemicals, traces of hormones or antibiotics, heavy metal residues, pesticides that can be found in meat, fish and cereals.
  • Perfect for workouts and diets.
  • It is delicious !
  • You can season our dried crickets simply with salt or spices for nutritious and tasty healthy snacks.
  • Mix our cricket powder with some baking flour to have a cricket flour and adapt your favorite recipes : cakes, pancakes, cookies, bread…
  • Use our cricket powder to make your own protein bars or protein shake.
  • We have more than 2 years experience in making dried crickets and cricket powder so we can provide quality products.
  • We are still improving the methods of cricket farming with some Thai farmers who work exclusively for us.
  • We are established in Thailand, the country that offers the best conditions for cricket farming. Indeed, crickets need their natural environment, especially the temperature, to grow healthy and avoid any risk of developing diseases.
  • For us it makes no sense economically and ecologically to waste energy to heat a warehouse when we can breed our crickets in their natural environment.


The commercial farms that provide our crickets are carefully selected. They must meet several criteria:

• Cricket feed based on vegetables and mixed grain flour.
• No chemicals allowed.
• Clean method of farming.

We are working closely with scientists of the renowned University of Khon Kaen that allows us regular monitoring
of these farms as well as followed farming methods.

One of our farms will provide crickets raised with organic feed soon.


We focus on crickets, this is our area of expertise, and allows us to provide you with the best quality possible. Our research assistant is highly trained and has graduated in entomology from the renowned Khon Kaen University.

Research helps us to constantly improve our quality, from the breeding methods right the way trough to the production process, and keeps our dried crickets and cricket powder at a high standard.

EIF-Thailand_Criket-Powder_Dried-CricketDRIED CRICKETS

Acheta Domesticus

EIF-Thailand_Cricket-PowderCRICKET POWDER

100% Acheta Domesticus

EIF-Thailand_Cricket-Powder_Cricket-Flour-CookiesCookies made with cricket powder

Handmade 100% natural

We offer the opportunity to customize the packaging: color & size of the bag, label of your choice.


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